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Bruce Haggerty FE'85

Vice Chair for Membership

Bruce was raised in Rhode Island and graduated from Moses Brown School. After earning his BA at Tufts University, Bruce completed his MA degree from Boston University.

His extensive time in the Himalayas resulted in Bruce's consideration to establish his residency in Nepal and to turn his attention to expedition photography. However, later, a visit to California directed Bruce into university teaching which lead to positions at University of San Diego, Palomar College and Saddleback College. Secondary school  opportunities enabled him to teach at the Army and Navy Academy, Carlsbad for twenty years, as well as his present position of twelve years at Saint Augustine High School.

Regarding a couple of his scientific expeditions, in 1978, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, Bruce conducted an indepth study of the after-life rituals (Living Dead) of the Tana Toraja ethnic group in the mountainous region of Rantepao. This work lead to an ABC television presentation.

Secondly, in 1980, riding camel, Bruce crossed India's Thar Desert documenting the various cultural traditions of these isolated human settlements. His final night revealed almost  tragically that when his sleeping arrangements were broken down the next morning, it was discovered that he had been sleeping on a bed of scorpions all night.

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