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Dominique Rissolo PhD FN'13

University of California, San Diego


Dr. Dominique Rissolo is an assistant research scientist with the Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego where he co-leads the Cultural Heritage Engineering Initiative (CHEI). He has worked closely with multiple agencies and universities to plan and execute oceanographic and marine archaeological research projects using autonomous, remotely operated, and human occupied vehicles. As an archaeologist, Dominique’s interdisciplinary research focuses on paleocoastal human ecology and the development of ancient maritime trade networks along the Yucatan coast. His work on the Yucatan Peninsula has also focused on ancient Maya and Paleoamerican cave and cenote use as well as coastal and near-coastal settlement patterns and the rise of social complexity in the region. Rissolo has been actively involved in the development of digital workflows for the visualization of image-derived data from marine and terrestrial sites and has enabled collaborating researchers to expand their technical capabilities. Dominique co-directs the Costa Escondida and Hoyo Negro projects and is also a member of the NOAA Ocean Exploration Advisory Board.

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