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James W. Hoffman FN'00

San Diego Chair,  2001 and 2002

San Diego Program Chair,  2003 and 2004


Highlights of Scientific Explorations:


System design of the imaging system for the NASA LANDSAT series of satellites.


Design concept for the Halley Comet Camera which flew on the Giotto Spacecraft and imaged the nucleus of the the Halley Comet.

Development for NASA of an instrument for measuring global warming.   A patent is held on this instrument.


Design and fabrication of a new type of infrared camera which NASA flew on the space shuttle.  It obtained the highest resolution infrared images ever taken of the Earth from space.


Design and fabrication of the FireMapper camera for airborne mapping of wildfires with high resolution through the smoke.  This system was sold commercially and is in use in 3 different countries.


Design and fabrication of the ForestMapper for airborne measuring of the health of crops and forests.


System design of the imaging radar for Europe's remote sensing satellites.


Scientific U2 aircraft experiments which were awarded the DARPA Strategic Technology Prize.

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