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James F Skelly CDR USN Ret. MN '97

Chapter Treasurer

As a US Naval Officer involved in support of AEC at Bikini Atoll and support of NASA projects Gemini and Apollo  Also involved in support of Sea Lab 1..


      Stanford University AB'57

      Harvard University MBA'68



     US Navy 1957-1982

     USA Track and Field Competition Official



Other Organizations:

     Stanford of San Diego

     Stanford Associates

      Harvard  Club of San Diego

     University Club   San Diego

     Steward San Diego Crew  Classic

     Presidents Club and Ocelots San Diego Zoo

     Old Mission Beach Athletic Club


Flag Expedition Amazon Basin Ecuador 1997.  North Pole 2003.  Antarctica 1997 and 2013..


Trekking to summit of Kilimanjaro 1997;circuit around Mount Kailash, Tibet 1998; Kala Patthar, Nepal 1999; Everest Base Camp, Nepal and China 2001.


Study of Male Elephant behavior  Etosha, Namibia 2008.


Treasurer San Diego Chapter Explorers Club 2000-present

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