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Martha Shaw


Vice Chair for Membership


Martha started out as a staff geologist and diver for State of California Fish and Wildlife, and then Scripps institution of Oceanography. She showed her talent as a writer in the many papers she published, and in her creativity awards for clever, often whimsical, campaigns. Martha was introduced to The Explorers Club by Walter Cronkite for whom she wrote scripts. After serving as Creative Director in many capacities around the world she founded Earth Advertising to serve the planet because the “Earth needed an ad agency.” A pioneer in sustainable industries, she serves on boards and advisories, and continues to make new discoveries in coastal science, work with island nations facing sea level rise, and raise public awareness on important ocean issues. Her first try at a fictional novel, Hook, Line and Sinker on Amazon entertains as it weaves in the true disappearance of Pacific Bluefin Tuna, as the heroine struggles to complete her PhD thesis on these majestic creatures. Martha loves the club for its eclectic membership and true blue value system.

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