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Neil F Marshall


Neil spent 20 years as a Research Associate at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Major works included the study of Submarine Canyons and their origins. The role of currents in submarine canyons and their forming, maintaining, and the depositional role of sediments in deeper waters. The archaeological significance of Sea Level Rise (published in 1964) and continuing data collection for establishment of sea level rise curves. The geological relationships acting on high latitude deltas. Participated in over 60 marine expeditions. I was a scuba diver at Scripps (beginning in 1959) and member of the diving control board. I held one of a very few 200 ft diving authorizations (this was prior to mixed gas diving). The use of deep submersibles to study seafloor geology. Used subs: Deep Quest, Turtle, Sea Cliff, Nekton, Deep View, Makakai, SeeSee and others in various areas of the Pacific in the 1960's and 1970's. First association with deep submersibles was with the Cousteau group and the Diving Saucer "Denise". Lifetime scuba dives made, exceeds well over 5,000 !

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