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Sara Shoemaker Lind


Photographer Sara Shoemaker Lind captures dynamic images inspired by the natural world. Her focus on color, pattern and energy in photography is fueled by the love of ocean adventure and seeing new things.

Sara majored in Fine Art-Photography at Stanford University. The morning after graduation Sara went to work in a wetsuit for scientific research purposes in the Monterey Bay--working on the technical skills needed to later pursue more artistic projects underwater. In the Spring of 1997, Sara was awarded the Our World-Underwater Rolex Scholarship. This opportunity was a pivotal launch for a career in image making with a focus on the worlds of water, above and below. The sponsors, mentors, and volunteers connected with this organization provided an intense period of fieldwork, expedition training and education.  She became the youngest female member admitted to the Explorers Club as a Member National in Spring 1999. Sara started her own image production company  in San Francisco from 2004 until 2016 when she relocated to La Jolla, California.  She has enjoyed working with the partnership between The Explorers Club and the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society in conjunction with Rolex Watch for over two decades.  She currently produces work for both commercial and fine art projects and tried to attend ECAD whenever possible.

Sara's work can be visited on her website  

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