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Exploration Grant Funds Given by San Diego Explorers Club



Ricardo DeSantiago - $2,500

San Diego State University and University of California, Davis

  • Understanding the Impacts of Sargassum app. Marine Subsides on Terrestrial Ecosystem



Madison Davis - $1,000

San Diego State University

  • Using Stable Isotopes of Sea Lion Whiskers to Understand Responses to Environmental Change


Abigail Terese Bierzychudek - $1,000

University of San Diego

  • How Fauna Composition Change Throughout Los Penasquitos Lagoon Along the Salinity Gradient


Billie Buckley - $500

San Diego State University

  • The Mechanisms Leading to Recruitment Inhibition of Macrocystis Pyrifera by the Understory Alga, Desmarestia Herbacea




Anthony Tamberino - $1,000


  • Three-Dimensional Mapping of Archaeological Remains in Land/Sea Transition Zones for Cultural heritage Monitoring and Preservation (Israel) 


Matthew Sitek - $1,000


  • Community Networks at the Edge of Ancient Andean States: A View From the Tiwanaku Frontier, Locumba, Peru (ca. AD 5000-1100)





Abigal Cannon - $1,000

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • Do Stingrays Prevent the Recovery of Disturbed Seagrass Beds?




Antonella Wilby - $1,000

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • Visual Monitoring of Vaquita, the Worlds Most Endangered Cetacean


Pike Spector – Dry-suit thanks to Ocean Enterprises and Tim Radke

San Diego State University

  • Differences in Primary Production Between Kelp Forests and Urchin Barrens – Variation Across a Latitudinal Gradient.


Belinda Ramires - $500


  • The Ontological Foundations of Agrarian Politics Among Quichua-Speaking Peoples in the Ecuadorian Amazon


Hannes Schraft - $500

San Diego State University and UC Davis

  • Continues project: Infrared Prey Sensing in Rattlesnakes




Hannes Schraft - $1,000

San Diego State University and UC Davis

  • Infrared Prey Sensing in Rattlesnakes


Jacob Bongers - $500


  • Funerary Practices and Group Relations in Mid-Chincha Valley, Peru


Adrienne Bryan -$500


  • Architecture and State Development: An Archaeological Study of a Late Intermediate Period Site in Cuzco

P1120579 Student Grant Photo.JPG

2020 - Ricardo DeSantiago and colleagues measuring what we call “seaweed wrack,” which is the seaweed that washes ashore and provides an important source of nutrients to coastal communities.


2019 - Anthony Tamberino with Dr. Tom Levy and team in Israel.


2016 - Antonella Wilby SM'16 conducting visual monitoring of Vaquita.

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