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Biologist, Explorer, Author & Ecologist Storyteller Mark Moffett PhD. FN’07

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Mark W. Moffett PhD, biologist and research associate at the Smithsonian, and a visiting scholar in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University joined us for an enlightening conversion about his latest book “The Human Swarm: How Our Societies Arise, Thrive, and Fall”.

Mark is known for documenting new species and behaviors during his exploration of remote places in more than a hundred countries. Mark takes pleasure not just in physical adventure but in the intellectual challenge of finding connections across fields, whether it’s comparing the structure of bacterial communities and forest canopies, or examining the life and death of societies across the animal kingdom and in humans right up to the present day. Mark was honored by the Explorers Club with a Lowell Thomas award in 2006, and has been a fellow since 2007. When not lost in nature he lives with his wife and fellow globetrotter Melissa Wells in Brooklyn, New York, and keeps an office overflowing with books, tree-climbing gear, entomology supplies, and cameras in Greenport, Long Island.

Please join us for a fun and enlightening conversion with Mark about his explorations and his latest book.

Find more information about Mark and his book here:


Great National Geographic Interview with Mark …

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