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Webinar with Emily Hazelwood MN’14 and Amber Sparks MN’14

"Conservation: Swimming with humpback whales and exploring the function of Eco-tourism in the Kingdom of Tonga" Emily Hazelwood MN'14 and Amber Sparks MN'14, graduates from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and co-founders of Blue Latitudes LLC and the Blue Latitudes Foundation discuss their recent documentary film Faka'apa'apa, which has been named an official selection at the San Diego International Film Festival, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, among many others. This film highlights the Blue Latitudes Foundation's expedition to the Kingdom of Tonga in October 2019 and follows their expedition to learn about, and swim with, the humpback whales of the Kingdom of Tonga and the unique partnership that has formed between the local Tongans and the humpback whales that migrate there every year.

Watch the video:

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